Helicopter fuel stolen in Western Isles

Fuel: Theft only discovered in helicopter refueling. Pic: © STV

Thieves have stolen a large amount of helicopter fuel needed for remote construction works in the Western Isles.

Thieves drained eight drums of fuel at the village of Marruig on Harris.

It was only when PDG Helicopters staff went to refuel the aircraft on Tuesday that they released the theft had taken place.

The fuel, valued at around £1600, was needed for a helicopter to transport heavy water pipes up a steep hill as part of a construction project.

PDG chief executive Garry Francis said: “The fuel was delivered on a pallet by a haulier for a pipe-laying job.

“We lose fuel from time to time. Unfortunately it is a hazard of the job.

“What is unusual about this is the drums were not taken.”

Mr Francis believes the culprits turned up with a pumping device and transferred the fuel into their own portable storage tanks.

Northern Constabulary are investigating the theft. A police spokesman said the fuel was reported to have gone missing sometime between March 9 and 13.

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Helicopter fuel stolen in Western Isles